• a collecting society established and managed by performing artists
• Is a no profit association with a mutual purpose, whose goal is the recognition of a right protected by law. The right to be a performing artist
• An association that does not ask for, nor manages public funds.
• A collecting society that does not believe in unfair competition to the detriment of artists. Quality of service and knowledge should not be mistaken with competition.
• A collecting society whose activities are transparent, efficient and qualified as shown by the results already achieved.

• a huge database that contains repertoires and playlists both audio and audiovisual which are published on our Institutional website
• a portal for all members that allows the artist to gain access to his information and to communicate with the Institute
• over 80 agreements with users of cinematographic works or similar for the collection of remunerations in the audiovisual area
• agreements with the most important phonographic associations

NUOVOIMAIE worldwide:
• has signed over 65 bilateral agreements with European and extra European collecting societies
• is ordinary member of SCAPR (international organization which represents 52 collecting societies of performing artists from all over the world)
• is member of IPDA (International performers database association)
• is member of AEPO ARTIS

NUOVOIMAIE best practice:
• has adopted the organization, management and control model, the ethic code, the administration control rule and the supervisory body as per L:231/01
• has adopted transparent and effective rules, including a transparency and access to documents code
• has adopted  auditing of financial statements (Budget) by chartered auditors and consultants

NUOVOIMAIE distributes 4 times a year all remunerations accrued: actors and dubbers in summer and winter, singer and musician in spring and autumn.
NUOVO IMAIE represents over 600.000 performing artists in Italy and worldwide