NUOVOIMAIE, NUOVO Istituto Mutualistico Artisti Interpreti ed Esecutori is a collecting society dealing with the performer’s neighboring rights, distributing the so called “equo compenso” equitable remuneration to its members for the exploitation of their performance recorded on a phonogram or an audiovisual work, cinematographic or similar (artt. 73, 73 bis, 80, 84, 180 bis Legge sul diritto di autore n. 633/41 c.d. LDA). NUOVOIMAIE also collects and distributes the equitable remuneration accrued by the artists for private copy (art. 71 septies and 71 octies LDA).

NUOVOIMAIE was created by Luis Enrique Bacalov, Claudio Baglioni, Massimo Di Cataldo, Marco Masini, Lino Banfi, Enzo De Caro, Andrea Roncato, Edoardo Siravo and Luca Zingaretti on July 12th 2010.

NUOVOIMAIE is ruled by artists democratically elected.

NUOVOIMAIE distributes remunerations using state-of-the-art mechanisms which
guarantee transparency and efficiency

NUOVOIMAIE carries out all relevant initiatives to uphold the rights of artists
performers or executors

NUOVOIMAIE takes on a mutualistic role in favour of artists, performers and

NUOVOIMAIE is registered in the Register of legal entities of the Rome Prefecture,
as an not-for-profit association.

NUOVOIMAIE adheres to an ethical code that defines the ethical and social
responsibility of all subjects who have relations with the Institute.