The quality of services at NUOVOMAIE is based on 3 simple concepts: proficiency, efficiency and simplification. To achieve such goals NUOVOIMAIE takes advantage of specialists in every area.
The operative structure, managed by the General Office, is divided into production units pursuing specific targets.

General Office. Deals with all the activities of the Managing Director, it coordinates external relations as well as relations with other offices.

Administrative Area. Deals with planning and management control of the Institute’s activities in relation to its business plan together with the management of the administrative/fiscal area. It manages both collection and payments for its rightholders.

Services Area. Deals with all the Institutional activities relating to the Collegial and Statutory Boards. Manages all aspects of communication and relations with the public.

Technical Area. Deals with all aspects relating to the elaboration of data for the distribution of rights. Manages the Informatic System of the Institute.

Legal Area. Manages and coordinates all activities relating to agreements dealing with all national and international legal aspects.

For further information, see also Carta dei Servizi, Services Charter