The certificate of incorporation and the Statute have been approved on September 29th 2010 by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage in agreement with Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Labour and Social Politics according to Art. 7 of the legislative decree of April 30th 2010, converted and amended by Law 100/10.

Approval of Vigilance Authorities Deed of Incorporation and Statute Mibac 17705 of September 29, 2010.

The Membership Rules set the criteria for the registration to NUOVOIMAIE as an associate. All adults who have participated as a feature or non featured artist to a cinematographic work or similar, or to the execution of works fixed on a phonogram, both transmitted or broadcast (available to the public) can send a membership form.

The Distribution Rules include the combination of all procedures that, in accordance with the current Law, govern the distribution of the remunerations received by NUOVOIMAIE to rightholders. In order to review performers’audiovisual works classification, whose guidelines are published, a warranty Committee has been set up.

Approval of Vigilance Authorities Membership Rules and Distribution Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, Ministry of culture.

Regulations to confer a Mandate for the management of the neighbouring rights of artists, performers or executors authorize and compel both the principal and NUOVOIMAIE to execute the said mandate with relation to the intermediation of neighbouring rights in Italy and in other countries expressly indicated in the mandate and its subsequent amendments. The execution of the mandate will be carried out in compliance with the Regulations and the Statute with full transparency and objectivity towards all artists principals and associates. A NUOVOIMAIE mandate may be conferred by: Performers, Performers < 18 yo, Heirs of the performers Individuals and legal entities.

The Regulations for the concession of Advocacy set the criteria according to which NUOVOIMAIE acts. Those entitled to request advocacy are artists performers or executors, associations/entities/companies, solely in relation to the artistic activities and events tied to the Institute’s mission.

The Electoral Regulations were approved by the Vigilance Authorities by a decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of August 3rd 2012. The first elections of NUOVOIMAIE took place on April 7 and 8 2013; all the elected collegial bodies remain in office for four years since the beginning of their term or nomination and they prolong their mandate until the said bodies are in renewed.

Approval Vigilance Authorities Electoral Regulations Presidency of the Council of Ministers.