NUOVOIMAIE manages and protects neighbouring rights accrued by the artists, performers or executors, in the audio and audiovisual area, since July 14th 2009 (law 100/10).The Italian copyright law – LDA n. 633 of year 1941 – protects artists, performers or executors, who have recorded their performances on a phonogram or on a audiovisual work or similar, with a remuneration right (equitable remuneration) due for the public exploitation of such rights.

In the music area, we have an equitable remuneration when a recorded phonogram is broadcast via radio, tv, or used in public places or, in any case, re-used.

In the audiovisual area, we have an equitable remuneration when the audiovisual work (cinematographic or similar) is used or broadcast in any form and by any means: via television, via web, in public establishment, hotels and also through the commercialization of the audiovisual works both on line and off line.

NUOVOIMAIE collects and distributes the equity remuneration to all the artists it represents.

Furthermore, NUOVOIMAIE manages and distributes the remuneration for audiovisual and audio private copy recognised by the Copyright Law, in other words, the private reproduction of phonograms or videograms made by individuals strictly for personal use. The duration of the neighbouring rights in the audiovisual area is 50 years, whereas in the music area the aforementioned term has been extended to 70 years.