The technical management of NUOVOIMAIE is guaranteed both by administrative regulations that control its activities.

The Deed of Incorporation, the Statute, the Electoral Regulations, the Enrolment and Distribution Regulations have been approved by the relevant authorities as envisaged by article 7 DL of April 30 2010, amended by Law 100/10.

According to the provisions of art. 231/2001 and by the Statute, the Institute has also adopted the Organisational and Managerial Model as well as the Ethical Code and other Regulations linked to it: the Administrative Regulations, Regulations relating to Employees, Safety Regulations, Document on Risk Evaluation, Regulations of the Board of Directors, Regulations of the Audio and Video Comittees, Regulations of the Delegates Assembly, Regulations of the Board of Arbitrators, Regulations on the trasparency of Acts.

Thanks to adoption of the Organisational and Managerial Control Model as well as Regulations overseeing activities which fulfill statutory goals, NUOVOIMAIE has operated since its foundation with efficiency and transparency.

Following the liberalisation of the intermediation of neighboring rights, Law of March 24 2012, NUOVOIMAIE was licensed at the Department for Information and Publishing of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on May 2 2013, as a company carrying out intermediation activities of neighboring rights of artists, performers and executors, satisfying the relevant criteria set in the decree of the President of the Council of ministers of December 19, 2012.