Register and confer a mandate, discover the advantages of being represented by NUOVOIMAIE

Register and confer a mandate to NUOVOIMAIE

NUOVOIMAIE protects the performing artists whose performance is recorded on a phonogram or audiovisual work or similar put on sale and communicated to the public.
If you are an actor, a dubber, a musician, a singer, an orchestra conductor you can register and/or confer a direct mandate to NUOVOIMAIE
If you are a member or if you have conferred a mandate to NUOVOIMAIE you are entitled to receive the remuneration that NUOVOIMAIE collects and distributes.
The registration and the mandate are completely free of charge and are valid until there is a written resignation.
The registration gives you the possibility to participate to the life of the Institute , to vote and to be voted, to take decisions relating to the future of your own remuneration.
The mandate delegates NUOVOIMAIE to collect the remunerations you are entitled to in Italy and in foreign countries;

Discover the advantages of being a member or a mandator:
NUOVOIMAIE dedicates to the artists who are represented the WEB PORTAL Members and Mandators that enables online interaction with the Institute.
Through the portal the artist can update the repertoire and anagraphic data and proceed to the collection of the remuneration he is entitled to.

How to entrust NUOVOIMAIE:

• the membership application form: applies to become member of the Institute;
• the mandate: entrusts the Institute with the collection of remunerations accrued in Italy and in specified foreign countries.

The modalities related to the management of the rights assigned to NUOVOIMAIE, in compliance with art. 4 of Legislative Decree 35/17, sent to all the members and instigators of the Institute, on 11 July 2017.

The membership application form, and the mandate, filled in and undersigned, together with a copy of the document duly signed, have to be sent to NUOVOIMAIE in the original copy exclusively in the following ways:
⇒By regular mail to NUOVOIMAIE, ufficio Documentale, II piano, via Parigi 11 – 00185 Rome – Italy;
⇒Or delivered personally at the Office CONTATTA via Parigi 11, ground floor, during the welcome times Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 am to 12.00am, Tuesday and Thursday from 14.30 to 16.00;
⇒by certified email (PEC) to  – certified email are valid only lf both the users (sender and consignee) have a certified email  address.

At the Office CONTATTA the performing artists can register themselves and receive assistance.

For further details and information see our Membership Rules and Regulations to confer a Mandate.