The Media Centre handles NUOVOIMAIE’s communications in order to offer up-to-date information, press-statements, in-depth analysis, speeches and debates. At the Media Centre we analyse what other foreign collecting societies say about us, we piece together our artists’ statements, we publish interesting articles and write about our new objectives to illustrate the role and activities carried out by NUOVOIMAIE. In order to clarify specific aspects relating to the work of a collecting society, we will open ad hoc entries and explore themes one often has little time to delve into. We think it is important to talk about the past to discover what the future holds, so we analyse what happened before NUOVOIMAIE was established and build onto that experience to strengthen the new collecting society. Last but not least, in this section we will also publish ON AIR, an information bimonthly, with a wealth of interviews, debates and service alerts.

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