NUOVOIMAIE provides legal and technical assistance to artists performers and executors both members and principals who intend to initiate the proceedings envisaged in the Regulations for the protection of copyright on electronic communication networks issued by AGCOM ( Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni, Communication Protection Authority) and applicable since March 31 2014.

The Regulation whose objective is to contrast online piracy of digital works protected by the Copyright Law is of fundamental importance for the rightholders of copyright and neighbouring rights (authors, artists, publishers, music producers, audiovisual producers, literary editors, photographers etc.) because it grants the aforementioned subjects the right to lodge an administratitive action, carried out by the Authority, to obtain the removal from the internet of digital works illegally transmitted and in some cases, in Italy, even the possibility of disabling links to web-pages containing digital works illegally transmitted.

The proceeding may be brought only by a notification of the infrigengement to AGCOM by rightholders, category associations or the collective rights-management body.

As a representative of the artistic category, NUOVOIMAIE is a member of the Technical Committee established by Agcom and it offers members and principals all the assistance needed to pursue, and manage an action before the Authority.

In particular, the artist, performer or executor, whether member or principal represented by NUOVOIMAIE intending to bring a proceeding before Agcom to obtain the actions envisaged in the Regulations may send NUOVOIMAIE the notification form found in this section.

Once the notification form is received, NUOVOIMAIE will:
 verify the presence of the requirements necessary to initiate administrative proceedings before Agcom;
 draft the application to be sent to Agcom;
 send the application to Agcom according to the standard form provided for by Agcom by the means of certified mail;
 follow the entire proceeding before Agcom, providing the necessary cooperation;
 inform the artist, performer or executor who lodged the complaint about its development and final outcome.

For any further information we advise you to refer to the section about the AGCOM Regulations and the frequently asked questions.